This moment. Hours earlier I was processing nerves with a friend – doing the whole what if crap. The stuff that normally freezes me and I turn the other direction and slam the brakes on.

Decided to try a different way this time.

A while later while enjoying a conversation knee to knee they so innocently and sweetly asked to take a picture of me. Random. In the moment while just sitting and talking, “no special reason” just because.

Later when I looked at this picture- I realized what a neat moment captured in a photo this was. I was able to view me from their perspective in the moment. Sort of cool!

What the picture doesn’t express adequately is the ease, comfort, fun, gratefulness, and enjoyment of the moment and person. Me being me. Sign me up for more moments like this!

Because I’m about takeaways—here’s my takeaway.

Relax. Things could go wrong but they could also go right. Nerves are okay—they serve a purpose but don’t let the nerves keep you stuck and frozen. Be authentically you, Vulnerability, connection, openness- just do it! ❤️ and keep doing it ❤️

I valued and appreciated the ability to just be honest and say, I’m nervous here- to express my truth and it be met with the same in return.

Priceless!! And to my “photographer” — Thanks for the random photo. I know to you it was random and just because but for me it was such a sweet and kind hearted gesture that allowed me to see myself in the moment from your eyes and view ❤️

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