Couples Counseling

What if I told you that you can use this pain to create powerful change... it's true. ​

Do you find:

  • You're one foot out the door? Maybe even two?

  • Your  home feels more like a battle zone than a loving space you look forward coming home to?

  • You are dealing with a rupture to your relationship from betrayal?

  • You long to be truly seen, heard, validated and feel deeply connected to your partner?


You’ve come to the right place. You are in good hands. 

Not only do I have the book and training knowledge behind me but I've got the real world personal experience of trauma, children, marriage, and yes divorce and co-parenting.  I am not going to spit out book jargon at you-rather we are doing real world step by step tools and strategies! 

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What if I told you that this crisis you are facing, this rupture you are working through can be the start of a beautiful new beginning? An opportunity to heal past wounds, rewrite the story you have brought forward from childhood, identify the triggers and patterns that keep you from fully showing up with yourself and others; that keep you stuck and engaging in unhealthy relationship patterns.

One thing I have learned in my personal and professional life is that these hard, painful lessons will keep showing up until you deal with them! Oftentimes, it takes a massive rupture, major crisis or significant event to really, truly get our attention before we open our eyes and realize there is no more ignoring or sweeping things under the rug. When you realize it is time for true, deep inner change.

We will continue to repeat relationship  patterns unless we identify the lessons, learn from them and break the patterns. You do not have to settle; in life or relationships. You really can have it all. When working with me, we aren’t just going to address the branches of the tree. We are going all the way down to the roots; to where it all began. We are rolling our sleeves up and digging in together. We will work to create lasting change so you can design the life and relationships you deserve and love.


We have never been taught how to do relationships.  Think about this - how much education did you invest in your career? How much education went into graduating high school? Yet, how many classes did you have that taught you personal growth? Personal development? Interpersonal relationships?

It is no wonder that you don't know how to do relationships.  I've been there and I went to graduate school for Counseling, ya!! You haven't been taught.  This isn't about who is right or wrong- this is about identifying your patterns and CHANGING THEM so that you can have the loving and connected relationship you deserve.

When you work with me I am rolling my sleeves up with you.  I am NOT the person who is going to sit there and nod my head, listen to you yell and scream with your partner, assign you some homework and wait for your next appointment.

That doesn't create results and that's not how I do things! You can expect to engage, support, listen, and teach.  You must learn to do things different if you want your relationship with yourself and your partner to look and FEEL different.  We will identify patterns and learn ways to change those patterns. In this office I take sides, we get real, there are no BS excuses, we do ownership, accountability, and vulnerability.



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